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ACP is ending...

...What do I do next?

With the ACP program winding down, it can be really stressful having to potentially make the move to a new internet provider, program, or face losing your connection to the world altogether. We hope to try and make the transition just a little bit easier on you.

The button below has information from the FCC on the winding down of ACP.

FCC Information

Now what?

ConnectAll, unfortunately, was unable to support ACP during the time it was funded. We were however, able to provide low-cost internet regardless of ACP qualification status. We are happy to say that we are still able to provide the same low-cost internet program and low-cost refurbished laptops to all those who qualified for ACP as well as other eligibility qualifications, and we are not your only option!

  • What ConnectAll Can Provide

    We sell a small hotspot device that can fit in your pocket, in partnership with Mobile Citizen, that runs on T-Mobile's 4G LTE network, on a national level, where available. Average download speeds are 10-35mpbs. If you qualified for ACP, you absolutely qualify for our service, and we do not require proof of qualifications, just that you sign-up for an account, which confirms your eligibility, or if you have one already, just login. Service is $14.95 a month, and the device is $66.00 which you can either pay for up-front or split up payments over the course of 12 months.

  • Wired Internet Providers

    Please keep in mind, this list may currently only apply to the Pacific Northwest

    · $9.95/month unlimited internet (speeds up to 50Mbps) + tax.

    · No term contract or credit checks. Free installation and in-home Wi-Fi included.

    · $9.95/month internet (speeds up to 50Mbps) + tax.

    · No term contract or credit checks. Free installation and no rental fees.

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