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Low cost internet provided by Mobile Citizen. Only available to eligible Low Income program members.

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  1. Mobile Citizen Internet Package (ZTE Warp Connect Hotspot + First Month Internet Payment)

    Get started for just $110.95! That's $99 for the ZTE Warp Connect Hotspot (added to total upon checkout) and $11.95 for the first month of service. A monthly service fee of $11.95 will be charged automatically each following month. Applicable tax and shipping costs will be added to the total price. This Internet service is offered by Mobile Citizen through the Sprint network.

    • Enjoy fast surfing, downloading and streaming on Sprint’s blazing fast LTE Plus network. **There is no limit on the amount of data that you can use monthly, nor is there any throttling or overage charges.**

              Communication Speed
              LTE Plus Download: 12-30Mbps
              LTE Plus Upload: 4-6Mbps

    • Always-on connection you can count on and share with up to 10 WiFi devices on the go
    • Vivid LCD display shows all the need-to-know information about your device such as battery life, network connectivity, and device information
    • Built-in security features give you full control over who shares your connection so that you can protect your privacy and data
    • With no software to install, just power on, connect and surf!

    Use this link to check the coverage at your location! Make sure to set the Device Field in the top-right for 'Newest devices -> ZTE Warp Connect'

    You can view and download the ZTE Warp Connect Hotspot User Manual here.

  2. Mobile Citizen Internet Service - Recurring Monthly Payment (Existing Customers Only)

    This is ONLY for customers who have already purchased a hotspot from InterConnection and now need to transition to the monthly payment system. If you do not currently have a hotspot through the Mobile Citizen Low-Cost Internet Program, you must order the full Internet Package (link in Description section below).

    If your hotspot does not currently have service, please email once this item has been purchased; please enter "Hotspot Reactivation" as the email subject and include the order number in the email body. You will receive the Order # once your order has been placed. Please note that this is not a tangible item, so there will be nothing that will ship or be waiting to be picked up in-store. Please direct all billing questions to, and all device questions to Mobile Citizen at 877-216-9603.

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2 Item(s)