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  1. Customizable Desktop (Core 2 Duo 1.60+GHz, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD)

    This desktop is ideal for:

    • Users performing basic tasks
    • Average Excel Spreadsheets
    • Writing / editing Word documents
    • Internet surfing and quickly switching between apps
    • Basic image editing
    • Decent all-around performance

    InterConnection's Customizable Desktop is a Windows 10 machine with dual-core processing power and starts with 4GB of RAM, providing more stability when running multiple applications at the same time. This IC Certified refurbished computer will be a major brand (Dell, IBM, Lenovo or HP). Windows 10 Professional, Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows Defender come pre-installed. Write documents, create spreadsheets, work in the "Cloud" and enjoy the decent all-around performance of this desktop. Please note: a monitor is not included - listed price is for the computer, mouse and keyboard only.

    As low as: $109.00

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1 Item(s)